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Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun 

Bioshock Carnival Organ Cover

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I’ve posted this before but I forgot to add it to my /me so here you go, my first rail :)


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whooooooooooa just got really dizzy and forgot where I was

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Tonight I fixed my friend Dennis’ bike using an old burger king receipt that I had in my backpack and that’s why I’m the bike fairy 

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I forgot how much I love being the mechanic. my 8 hours went by so fast today when normally 7 drags on. and it’s so wonderful to breathe life back into dead and dying neglected bikes. I got two in today that have the original cables and housing on them from 1987 and I made the first one shift like a chumpion by putting slick honey on the cable; didn’t even have to undo a bolt. and I’ve been getting the service department reorganized to the way I do it and things are going so efficiently now. and because of that I got first in sales today by a few hundred dollars over even the manager that gets credit for online sales when the old mechanics didn’t even try to win sales. and I’m leading the month by a thousand because I’m combining sales from service work with working on the sales floor. I better be getting a big raise for this

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Footjam whip | Skaters Edge 7/22/14

Oh hey its me! :) I see now katie haha thank youuu

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I just remembered when I was emptying my pockets for the wash that in the two days since I’ve taken over the service work I’ve made 15 dollars in tips

and one of them was from a person that literally pointed to the 6 grand propel and said that they wanted their walmart mountain bike to ride like that, so at the very least I made a walmart mountain bike ride like what they think a propel rides like

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work is going exactly according to plan :3 I took over running the service department today so the bike fairy is back in full swing. before I even got a chance to ask Kelly said that he’s going to try to work the schedule out so I don’t have to work saturdays anymore. now all that’s left is to ask for that raise, which I think I can get. did I mention that I finished all of the service bikes for the week within 3 hours on the first day? lolol yeah, mutha fuckin bike fairy

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Snap of me goofin on the York dirt jumps yesterday after an awesome day of riding street and park with everyone. 📷 by @instahled_it #bmx #ridepabmx #likeagirl #ride4fistbumps #bmxgirl

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I like how I did 8000 dollars in sales today and I got paid 56 dollars for it. fuck yeah crapitalism.

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danielle windhausen by steve crandall (via fbm)

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yeaaaaaaaaah I got word today that I can start presenting as my gender at work without getting hassled by the management :DDD

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Check out some current and future seats from Subrosa.

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so yeah as it turns out a whole bunch of strong cards just fell into my hands at work

everyone that works there aside from the manager and I are leaving when the new company takes over on the 16th so I just went from the second newest employee to the second oldest, which means that once we hire new people I get first pick at hours (say helloooo no more working weekends) and Kelly mentioned that I’ve got pretty good job security now because they appreciate that I didn’t jump ship. using that I haggled with Kelly until he said he’d bring up gender stuff with corporate so that along with orlando just passing into law that it’s illegal to discriminate against trans people in the work place I’ll be safe there now. makes things simple that it’s when the company is switching. I also said I can work more if I don’t have to gender magic before coming to work and after leaving if I’ve got other places to go and he was kind of between a rock and a hard place on saying no to that because we just went from 6 employees to 2 with nobody lined up to replace them

so I’m hoping that with the new ownership being corporate they can afford to pay us more than the old shop (either way, if they cut my pay it’d be illegal so it can’t get any worse on the pay front) plus now that I’m the second most senior person in the store I’d get a bigger portion of what they do pay us and I’m imagining that putting in the extra work to hold down the fort while there are only two of us will look good to them. buuut we’ll just have to see

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friendly reminder that scientists literally can’t explain what makes cars go. if they ever stop going one day, we’re fucked

mostly hate death and suffering

i’d be more fucked if they stopped because i have no other way of getting around that doesn’t either

  1. make me near-suicidally anxious
  2. cause my heartrate to skyrocket

1. you mean how riding my bike makes me happier more than anything in the world yet when I get on it to ride on the road I am extremely anxious as I am acknowledging that I am entering a literal slaughter zone for cyclists?

2. you mean like what happens to a cyclist every time a motorist tries to kill them with their several ton death machine? like it happens very close to every time I ride my bike?

cars need to be heavily regulated much more so than they are now. it sucks that you’re not mentally able to take public transit but if it’s between that and me being physically unable to live then there’s going to need to be a compromise. if motorists would behave themselves then we wouldn’t have this problem but they can’t seem to handle going long without trying to kill people so here we are